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To this day, socio-economic disadvantages plague diverse communities all over the country. We all know there are many talented individuals and quality businesses that are underutilized. We aim to eliminate the underutilization of diverse businesses and qualified individuals through the power of establishing equitable practices for the business community.

Equity Power Consulting offers comprehensive diversity and inclusion programs that can change the way your business makes an impact. We strive to connect diverse talent, businesses, and organizations to establish true equity. 

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Increased contractor reporting compliance for supplier diversity at Kaiser Permanente from a 14% compliance rate to 96% compliance rate as of June, 2023.


Has been responsible for over $2.4 Billion dollars worth of commerce to diverse companies across the country.


Has developed effective policies for utility districts, privately owned firms, and nonprofits to drive supplier diversity initiatives.


Has planned and facilitated outreach events marketed towards various demographics across the country.

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