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Supplier Diversity

How does your business better its economy? Supplier Diversity provides opportunity in the face of socio economic inequalities. Many companies such as Apple, Kaiser Permanente, and Microsoft all pledge to stimulate local economies by doing business with diverse communities. Your business can make an impact too. Supplier Diversity develops talent in people, communities, and businesses by granting exposure and monetary success.


Learn how diverse your workforce is compared to the market. We utilize multiple data sources from the public and private sectors to give our clients an accurate market study. This is an essential benchmarking tactic that can be analyzed from a macro to micro level and includes all respective industries.


We help your firm build a supplier diversity program that is focused on creating equitable markets. We ensure that all program objectives have achievable, measurable, and sustainable goals. The goal is to build a program that can sustain itself beyond contracting with Equity Power Consulting.


Already have an existing supplier diversity program? We can perform an analysis of your existing program and make recommendations on how to improve your firms performance in supplier diversity. We utilize the best tactics from the supplier diversity industry from unique outreach events to building partnerships. 

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